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CRG is a research group which operates in the fields of sclerotherapy and plastic surgery, phlebology, timedsurgery. Headed by the plastic surgeon Sergio Capurro, the group comprises specialists in numerous sectors and works with several outside experts. The aim of the group is to create innovative techniques, methods and products in order to solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional means. Such objectives can often be achieved only by breaking down common misconceptions. Today, we can claim to have revolutionised some important techniques, such as electrosurgery, through the creation of timedsurgery and the Timed apparatus (Korpo S.r.l.) In the fields of dermatology, plastic and aesthetic surgery, this economical technique has proved more versatile than the laser. Moreover, we have created a new sclerosing solution that is safe and does not give rise to complications. Our innovative treatment of venous insufficiency, called Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (T.R.A.P.), constitutes a step forward from the obliteration and ablation of veins to their regeneration. We have therefore redefined the aetiology, rationale and methodology of treatment of varicose veins, spider veins and telangiectasias of the lower limbs.

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Our research which was written by writers has given rise to an innovative face-lifting procedure that uses the Elasticum thread and the atraumatic two-tipped surgical needle. This patented needle enables suspension of the medial third of the face, eyebrows and angle of the jaw to be carried out in a simple physiological manner. The new Elasticum thread allows mini-invasive, vertical, elastic face-lifting to be performed easily; no blunt dissection or visible medication is required, the few stitches needed being hidden in the hair, and the results are long-lasting. Moreover, in traditional rhytidectomy, use of this thread can substitute the riskier and more complex manipulations of SMAS. The Jano needle is also used in the improvement of broad scars caused by injuries or burns to the face and body. Recently, we have created a simple method of bloodless surgery that utilises coagulation factors from the patient himself and a new therapy of junctional epidermolysis bullosa by transplantation of genetically modified epidermal stem cells into surfaced prepared by timedsurgical de-epitelialisation (Nature Medicine). Another procedure designed by Capurro Research is Adipofilling, which revolutionises the transfer of adipose tissue and opens up extraordinarynew possibilities in plastic and aesthetic surgery (and not only). The developments emerging from our main lines of research are outlined below.


CRP Internet Publications

Nature medicine

Created by Dr Capurro, Adipofilling is a new method of preparing and  transferring adipose tissue. Adipofilling involves producing a "biological filler" that can be injected to correct both deep and extremely superficial volume deficits. The results are free from artefacts and stable over time. Adipofilling is used to enhance the volume of the breasts and buttocks, to rejuvenate the skin, to integrate the new procedure of face-lifting without blunt dissection performed by means of Elasticum suturing, to correct facial asimmetry and the surgical artefacts left by rhinoplasty, and to treat cutaneous scars, radio-dermatitis and subcutaneous and muscular volume deficits. On account of the standardised granulometry of the filler, Adipofilling lends itself to research into the survival of fat grafts, supplementation aimed at improving grafting of the cells injected, and methods of cell selection.

Adipofilling® (English)

Adipofilling (Français)

アディポフィリング (Japanese)

脂肪组织充填 (Chinese)

Adipofilling® (Portuguese-Brazil)

Adipofilling® (relleno con tejido adiposo) (Español)

Capurro Research Publications publishes on line the latest innovative scientific studies in the fields of plastic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology and phlebology. Capurro Rersearch Publications is registered at the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Centre: ISSN 1971-8152

Correction of junctional epidermolysis bullosa by transplantation of genetically modified epidermal stem cells by timedsurgery de-epitelialisation

Nature Medicine, Vol. 12, No. 12. (19 November 2006), pp. 1397-1402. Epidermolysis bullosa (JEB), a devastating and often fatal skin adhesion disorder10. Epidermal stem cells from an adult patient affected by LAM5-3 deficient JEB were transduced with a retroviral vector expressing LAMB3 cDNA (encoding LAM5-3), and used to prepare genetically corrected cultured epidermal grafts. Nine grafts were transplanted onto  regions of the patient's legs prepared by timedsurgical de-epitelialisation. Engraftment was complete after 8 d. Synthesis and proper assembly of normal levels of functional LAM5 were observed, together with the development of a firmly adherent epidermis that remained stable for the duration of the follow-up (1 year) in the absence of blisters, infections, inflammation or immune response.




Timedsurgery is the most versatile physical method in the fields of dermatology and plastic and aesthetic surgery, Timedsurgery enables over 50 standardised innovative techniques to be performed. These applications include the micro-excision of neoformations of less than 1 mm, upper blepharoplasty, transconjunctival blepharoplasty, the cleansing of ulcers, repigmentation of stable vitiligo, the removal of tattoos, de-epithelialisation, timedsurgical mixed peeling for the elimination of lip wrinkles, the vaporisation of neoformations, micro-arc, resurfacing, definitive epilation, the coagulation of venous lakes, etc.

Timedsurgery is carried out by means of the Timed apparatus. Its power system is designed to be programmed. Programmed emissions are not modified in any operating conditions. The apparatus possesses specific currents that have been created in order to solve clinical problems that could not be solved previously. For instance, timedsurgical resurfacing in the Coag mode was created in order to eliminate tattoos safely; pulsed timedsurgical de-epithelialisation was developed to meet the need to eliminate the epidermis while maintaining the integrity of the dermal papillae and of the capillary-papillary plexus, and so on. (Timed apparatus is produced by Korpo S.r.l.

The electromaniples. provided with the Timed apparatus enable the timedsurgical procedures to be carried out. The electrodes are colour-coded according to their size; this is indispensable since a difference of  0.1 mm in diameter produces a different clinical effect. The electromaniples enable various procedures to be carried out: cutting, micro-cutting, de-epithelialisation, vaporisation, resurfacing, coagulation and micro-arc. (Electromaniples are produced by Korpo S.r.l.).

ISTS - International Society of Timedsurgery

Manuale di Timedsurgery (.pdf)

News of Timedsurgery

For information on the scientific society that performs Timedsurgery: FAQ and Forum.

The Timedsurgery training manual explains the 54 programme data used in the various dermatological and surgical procedures (PDF).

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The following section illustrates the news regarding Timedsurgery and the videos of the operations.

Three-dimensional Regenerative Phlebotherapy (T.R.A.P.)



A new functional and aesthetic treatment for venous insufficiency that revolutionises current phlebological therapies: Phlebotherapy. This constitutes a step forward from the traditional therapies (sclerotherapy, ablative and occlusive procedures), which almost exclusively treat the effect of venous insufficiency, to a new therapy that treats both the cause and the effect of the disorder by acting on the walls of the vessels that cannot be seen and therefore on haemodynamic hypertension. This new rational care agrees to obtain a functional  and aesthetic result persisting in the time resolving any varicose case of veins and telangiectasias of the inferior limbs. Phlebotherapy Forum.

Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (T.R.A.P.) (English)

三维再生显微静脉疗法 (Chinese)

La Phlébothérapie Régénératrice Tridimensionnelle Ambulatoire (T.R.A.P.) (Français)

Fleboterapia tridimensional regenerativa ambulatoria (T.R.A.P.) (Español)

Dreidimensionale regenerative ambulante Phlebotherapie (T.R.A.P.) (German)

Fleboterapia Regenerativa Tridimensional em Ambulatório (T.R.A.P.) (Portuguese-Brazil)

A sclerosing solution that is perfectly tolerated and does not leave areas of pigmentation: 6% and 10% salicylate in a hydroglycerin vehicle. This solution is used not only in the veins of the lower limbs and of the phlebectatic crown, but also in facial telangiectasias and ectatic veins in the hands, etc. Currently under assessment by the world phlebological community, the solution has been created in order to achieve a modern form of functional and aesthetic sclerotherapy. (Comparison with polydocanol and chromic glycerin).

Transillumination shows up superficial ectatic vessels that are not visible to the naked eye. The technique has proved extremely useful in performing T.R.A.P. as it enables the operator to pick out all the “gatewaysâ€Â￾ through which the perforating circulation is “regeneratedâ€Â￾. Being able to inject all the veins and telangiectasias means that the largest possible endothelial surface can be reached and that the miopragia of the perforating circulation – which is the main cause of venous insufficiency and of its recurrence – can be combated more effectively.




Elasticum. is the innovative patented suture utilised with the Jano needle (as well as normal suturing needles) in order to perform physiological face-lift and other procedures. Elasticum. face-lift can be carried out as an outpatient procedure, even without blunt dissection, and does not require visible medication. The thread can also be used in traditional surgical face-lift involving blunt dissection, in which it advantageously substitutes the flaps of the SMAS, and in other more complex operations. Moreover, when used with the Jano needle., the Elasticum. thread is able to improve the results of previous face-lifting procedures, while causing only minimum trauma. (Produced by Korpo S.r.l.).

The Jano needle.. is a patented two-tipped atraumatic needle with the Elasticum thread are used to perform elasticum face-lifting, which provides a physiological, vertical, elastic face-lift that is carried out without blunt dissection as an outpatient procedure. The patient can resume normal activities after a couple of days. The Jano needle. also simplifies the traditional face-lifting technique, in that the complex surgical and endoscopic procedures required to lift the medial third of the face become unnecessary. The Jano needle. is also used with silicon thread in reconstructive plastic surgery to improve large scars on the body and face. Other applications of the thread are currently under investigation. (Produced by Korpo S.r.l.).

A simple method of bloodless surgery that exploits the intrinsic and extrinsic factors of coagulation extracted from the patient's own blood. The serum obtained by means of high-velocity centrifugation is mixed with a local anaesthetic or injected into the wound or cavity at the end of the operation. Autologous serum is also utilised in order to improve the survival of adipose cells during volumetric augmentation of body and facial tissues.




Angiovein: 9 natural ingredients, 12 synergic actions.
A comprehensive answer to problems of circulation and microcirculation. A remedy for venous-lymphatic insufficiency, hyperhomocystinaemia, hypercholesterolaemia, prevention of cardiovascular disease, smoking and stress, sedentary lifestyle and overweight, intolerance of elastic stockings, aspirin intolerance, arteriosclerotic condition, family history of premature ageing. Ultrasonographic study was performed in 20 patients to evaluate the good effect of Angiovein in atheromatous lesions in the extracranial carotid.
Angiovein is particulary use-full in Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy.

A new access for use in additive mastoplasty has been introduced by Fabrizio Cecchi MD. The cutaneous areolar incision starts at nine o'clock of the areolar circle and terminates at three o' clock, thereby surrounding the hemi-base of the nipple. An areolar flap is lifted, up to the point corresponding to the lower margin of the areola itself. In this position, a deep incision is made in order to reach the aponeurosis. Once the mammary prosthesis (sub-glandular, sub-muscular, bi-plane) is in place, the glandular suture is seen to be displaced in relation to the cutaneous suture, thus avoiding direct communication of the prosthetic chamber with the outer environment. The resulting scar is not in tension and almost invisible.